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Asset Management

Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Enterprise Asset Management

ETMS offers to engineer asset management solutions for our clients based on our training and experience locally and internationally in the field of maintenance management. We analyse our customers’ needs in the field of human resources, maintenance schedules and strategies and offer best practices tuned to their individual constraints. 

We help you achieve peak efficiency with our cutting-edge asset management software OnKey® Streamline maintenance, enhance accountability, and optimize your stock effortlessly. Revolutionize your business today with our intuitive solution for Enterprise Asset Management.

Services offered

ETMS supports its Client through a range of services:

  • Development or Reconciliation of an asset registry by tagging your equipment,

  • Monitoring your equipment using top of the line sensors,

  • Setting up a dashboard and assigning tasks based on user defined needs

  • Setting up custom alerts by SMS and e-mail based on specific devices breaching user-defined thresholds (temperature in fridges, water tank levels, electricity status) allowing you to take rapid and effective measures.

  • Aggregate historical data to help you make informed decisions regarding purchasing and replacement of equipment.

  • Centralized contractor notification and intervention platform linked to Mobile applications allowing for effective and convenient communication and contractor assessment.

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Our partner

Our partner Pragma developed OnKey®, a better and smarter enterprise asset management tool which helps you meet your maintenance and reliability goals, accelerate the performance of your team and protect your assets. There pragmatic approach complements ETMS in providing you 5 star service.

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