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Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing

Following the enactment of the Energy Efficiency Act 2011 and the Energy Efficiency Regulations 2017, ETMS has taken on the challenge of energy auditing. With a Certified Energy Auditor from the Association of Energy Engineers and a multidisciplinary team consisting of electrical, mechanical, chemical, mechatronics and civil engineers all areas of the audit are covered by industry experts.


The energy audit performed by ETMS are in line with ISO 50002:2014 standards.

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of Mauritius' grid


How is the audit performed ?

  • The energy audit team together with the Client identify the scope of work and a measurement plan.

  • Ewattch energy monitoring systems are installed as part of a measurement plan to assess the efficiency and performance of the equipment.

  • Data is analysed and a report prepared, presenting energy management opportunities are their payback durations.

  • ETMS works with Clients for master planning of strategic implementation.


Types of infrastructure audited

  • Banking Institutions

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Hospitality and Health Care

  • Industrial

Our partner

ETMS partners with Ewattch, winner of the 2020 “French company that will change the world, in the category Industry of the future”, for your energy audit. Using Ewattch's LoRa and or LoRaWAN network and compatible sensors, ETMS monitors your power consumption and process parameters during the audit and analyses it to provide you with tailor made energy management oppotrunities

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