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Excel Today, Lead Tomorrow: ETMS Training for Success


ETMSkills operates to provide specialized technical training to engineers and technicians. We provide further training in specific fields as well as complementary knowledge to those (for e.g. managers from non-technical background or technicians from other fields of study) aiming to understand technical people.

Energy Efficiency, design, engineering and auditing

Don’t miss the chance to invest in your growth and unlock your full potential on mastering Energy Efficiency in Design, Engineering and Auditing. Learn practical tools to slash operating costs by identifying and implementing effective energy reduction programs. Uncover surprising energy losses, improve efficiency and boost profits by reducing your operational costs.

MQA Approved

Hydraulic Systems: Operation and Troubleshooting

Transforming challenges into opportunities with our intensive three-day workshop. And enhance your knowledge of the fundamentals, improve your maintenance programs to become excellent troubleshooter. Gain practical skills and up-to-date insights for problem-solving in hydraulic systems.

MQA Approval in Progress

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Fundamentals of HVAC for Engineers and Technicians

Are you an engineer or technician looking to enhance your expertise in heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) system design? Join our workshop tailored for professionals of all levels to master the world of psychrometric charts and learn how to read and interpret them.

MQA Approval in Progress

Power System Harmonics, Earthing and Power Quality: Problems and Solutions

Unlock the secrets to a seamless power system with our Practical Quality and Harmonics Workshop! Over two interactive days, delve deep into power quality issues, from surges and voltage sags to harmonics and noise. Learn practical solutions, analyze real-world case studies, and gain the expertise to design, install, and safeguard power systems effectively. Elevate your skills with hands-on training and be a power quality champion in any industry!

MQA Approval in Progress

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