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Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Energy monitoring allows the user to understand their own network by :

  • Tracking their consumption in real time;

  • Identifying peak hours for optimized off-hours operational maintenance;

  • Identifying supply and consumption irregularities and taking measures to protect their equipment; and

  • Tracking their energy saving goals.

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How your energy monitoring system is set-up

  • Sensors are installed on site to monitor your:

    • Electrical consumption​

    • Energy consumption

    • Water usage

    • Tank Level

    • Equipment health

    • Amongst others

  • A custom dashboard is set-up based on your requirement​s to display your areas of interest

  • Custom alarms a set-up to ensure you are informed at all times if your equipment displays problematic behaviour 

Our partner

ETMS partners with Ewattch, winner of the 2020 “French company that will change the world, in the category Industry of the future”, for your energy audit. Using Ewattch's LoRa and or LoRaWAN network and compatible sensors, ETMS monitors your power consumption and process parameters during the audit and analyses it to provide you with tailor made energy management oppotrunities

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