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The Evolution of Engineering Training

Updated: May 13, 2020

Engineers and technicians who want to get and keep their skills sharp, can no longer rely on on-time training to stay on the cutting-edge. Often, the engineers who need training the most are the ones who have been in their professions the longest. Why? Simply because they are frequently still using the best practices they learned when starting their career, instead of current capabilities and techniques. Engineering software is evolving more rapidly than ever; engineering training has evolved as well.

For new and experienced practitioners, ETM Skills offers up to date training courses that satisfy knowledge requirements in various engineering disciplines including: Chemical, Civil, Data Communications, Electrical, Electronics, Information Technology, Instrumentation, Mechanical and Project Management.


  • Technical Workshops (Interactive, detailed and structured training programmes all year round)

  • Tailored-made training to fit specifications

  • Certificate of Attendance documenting your experience

  • Technical reference manuals


  • A high standard of course content designed and developed by industry experts

  • A training session in alignment with current industry requirements

  • A training programme that contributes to your professional development

  • An interactive learning that offers networking and knowledge-sharing

  • Hands-on exercises

An ongoing skills development program, scheduled into your work week, is essential. Smart investment in ongoing training is the hallmark of successful engineers, both today and in the future.

To found out more about our training programme, please call us 454 9542 or visit us at

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