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Empowering Tomorrow: Navigating the Global Energy Landscape at AEE World Conference 2023

In the heart of the city Orlando, Jean Michel Quevauvilliers, a dedicated professional in the field of engineering and Managing Director of ETMS Ltd in Mauritius, recently embarked on a transformative journey at the renowned AEE World Conference. As he navigated through the international currents of knowledge and collaboration, Jean Michel discovered a wealth of insights that would reshape his perspective on the global energy landscape.

Embarking on a Global Learning Expedition

From the outset, it was evident that the AEE World Conference was more than a gathering – it was a global convention of ideas, innovations and solutions. Jean Michel eagerly attended sessions covering diverse facets of the energy sector, from cutting-edge technologies to policy discussions shaping the future of sustainable energy.

Q: What were your initial impressions of the conference?

A: I was positively impressed by the seamless organization that preceded the conference, the regular communication and especially the app that facilitated so much my planning and agenda for the conference itself! The conference centre was also impressive!

Q: Did the conference meet your expectations? For instance, were you worried that it might be wholly USA-centric?

A: I did not really have high expectations as it was my first time at an AEE event and I knew beforehand that the outcome could be only positive. To be frank, I was a bit worried that, coming from a small island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, I would be very much lost. But the fact that so many countries were represented was really a sign that the proceedings would not be an all-American affair! And indeed, all the people I met, whether from the US or not, were very open and welcoming!

AEE World Conference Centre 2023

Networking Across Continents: A Tapestry of Connections

Networking became an odyssey in itself. Jean Michel found himself engaged in conversations with professionals from various corners of the world. From impromptu conversations during coffee breaks to structured networking events.

Q: Did you have the opportunity to network with other attendees?

A: Yes, indeed and it started from the moment I completed my registration. I heard two attendees from Lebanon and France exchanging views in French and they were quite surprised when I joined in in French! That was an awesome moment and convinced me that I was right to attend. I went on to meet people from New Zealand, Kenya, Guatemala, Canada, Egypt and the US of course! And I want to say a big Thank you to my friends from South Africa who led the Sub-Saharan African Chapter and spared no effort to help me integrate.

Global perspectives in one frame: attendees from various countries gather at AEE World Conference 2023

Keynotes Inspirations: Voices Shaping the Future

The keynote speakers, each a luminary in their field, delivered powerful messages that resonated with Jean Michel’s passion for sustainable energy. Their stories of transformative projects, innovative solutions, and the collective responsibility to shape a better future left an indelible mark.

Q: What were the key insights or takeaways you gained from the conference?

A: Energy efficiency is one of the key challenges of our time and everyone from AEE is working hard to help attain goals which will help us limit the effects of climate change. And that every help is welcome in that massive challenge as it is really only one world.

Q: Were there any innovation ideas or approaches that caught your attention?

A: The applications of AI to energy auditing and management are really booming. Integration of AI in our processes is in fact one of the key components which can clearly help us meet our goals as there is, unfortunately, a worldwide shortage of qualified engineers and technicians in our field.

In Conversation with Al Gore Former U.S Vice President and Founder & Chairman of The Climate Reality Project
Keynote Presentation on Energy Management Success Stories

Global Challenges, Local Solutions: A Kaleidoscope of Perspectives

The international scope of the conference offered Jean Michel a panoramic view of energy challenges and solutions. Discussions on energy access in developing nations, sustainable infrastructure, and the role of artificial intelligence in energy management provided a lot of different perspectives.

Q: How did the conference change your perception of global energy challenges?

A: The consequences of failing to address the climate change are extremely high as we are talking in terms of billions of people affected. Some might be pessimistic about the chances of success when looking at the future but I found everyone very motivated and I feel that it is not a question of numbers but rather of being inclusive in our approach. It is very important to devise technical ways and means but also to involve all stakeholders as every person has his or her contribution to make in this fight! As we say at ETMS, Engineering Together Makes Sustainability.

A Closing Note: Sailing Towards a Greener Horizon

Leaving the conference venue, Jean Michel felt a profound sense of responsibility and armed with newfound insights. The AEE World Conference was not just an event – it was a transformative experience that connected him to a global community united by a shared vision of a brighter, cleaner future.

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